forumchat  jelly -1General RULES on all servers:
- No griefing (destroying other players’ creations)
- No PVP in gamemode 1
- No Hungergames in gamemode 1
- No spamming, flooding the chat
- No bad language, swearing, cussing, racism, etc.
- No talking in all CAPITAL LETTERS
- No client mods (nodus, x-ray, etc.)
- No refunds in ANY case! The purchases cover the server and advertising expenses and are non-reversible!
- No advertising other servers (entering name or IP of another server in chat, mail, message or sign post)
- We unban everyone free of charge every 3-4 days, but you can buy instant UNBAN tokens at the server shops above.

The purchase is not associated with Mojang!

New option-package coming soon: all ingame features can be unlocked for free on our MegaHUB.

Contact Owner (monman11):